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July 22, 2006, 4:54 pm
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a trading spaces marathon has ruined my normal saturday routine. i love makeover shows and shows where people declutter are my favorite. a perfect lazy saturday includes two hours of clean sweep and a half hour of mission organization. i’ve been to the grocery store, drank diet coke number one, and already did my laundry this week. the boyfriend is studying, i’m waiting to go to grad school, and all the things i really want to do (i.e. pedicure and shopping at ann taylor loft) cost money which i’m trying to save right now. transitions are exciting but sometimes boring. i’m doing a pretty good job at the money saving though. deferred gratification, as in deferred for a year until i get my masters, seems so long sometimes. school will be fun – the ultimate self-focusing. no more excel spreadsheets and photocopying. i dream of the days with my own office, a bedroom and furniture i actually picked out at a store. and a car to take me places. i can actually travel to places beyond public transportation and buy more than my arms can handle. the american dream. the early twenties lifestyle is fun for awhile but what i really want now is to settle down into my life.